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Zoom and Telephone Counselling Now Available!

Zoom provides a secure and encrypted online platform to maintain privacy and confidentiality for clients. Counselling sessions are conducted from a private home office and I recommend clients find a quiet confidential space without distractions from which to access and gain most benefit from their sessions. To ensure added security, sessions will NOT be recorded and hand written notes during the session will be taken as usual.

Online distance learning has been in place for many years and people find as much benefit from online training courses as they do with online counselling. Although the thought of online counselling can be daunting for those who have not used Zoom or online counselling previously, be assured this is a simple process. To access the Zoom session via your mobile phone download the Zoom App.  A few minutes prior to your session you will receive an email with a Meeting ID and Password.  Copy and paste the Meeting ID and Password into the Zoom App, and choose to Allow Audio and Allow Video to access the session. To access the Zoom session via your laptop simply click the link provided in the email you receive prior to the session. Follow the prompts to save the software if you have not accessed Zoom previously – this only takes a minute or two – and you will be directed to the Zoom session.

In this time of uncertainty we are fortunate that technological advances enable us to continue to connect with each other online to maintain normality in many areas of life, counselling support is one of these. 

Contact Kerry on to book your session! 

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